Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Shadow Box

Happy Monday!

Today I was inspired by these really neat lit shadowboxes that came in at Ben Franklin. They come with battery operated lights inside, and the front pulls away and is attached with magnets! The front is also made of a thick piece of clear acetate instead of glass, so you don't have to worry about it breaking! 

one wooden shadowbox
2 AA batteries
pack of 2 miniature trees
fluffy snow
peppermint baker's twine
assorted scenes on cardstock papers 
hot glue gun / hot glue
Mod Podge 
pop-up dots

First cut your cardstock paper background to the size of the interior of the box. Glue using your brush and Mod Podge.

Pop those batteries in, and glue down those trees and miniature house. Sprinkle some powdered snow around the house and at the base of the trees.

 For the final touch, wrap some baker's twine around the bottom, and cut out a holiday saying from your holiday cardstock. Adhere paper on the outside with a few pop-up dots for dimension so it pops off the background!

Ta Da!
So easy and so so cute!
Happy Holiday Crafting!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake 


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Chimney block

                                     Chimney Block

Material List:
Wood Block
Creamacoat Red and Grey paint
Red craft foam sheet
Black Craft foam sheet
½” white pompom
Snow drape

Paint the block red. 2 coats let dry between the coats
Paint the lines onto the block to form brick shapes with the grey paint

Trace and cut out the boots for Santa’s legs. 2-red 2-black
Cut off half of the black leg, and then glue over the red boot.
Glue the pompoms over the end of the black part of the boot.

Cut the snow drape to go around the top of the block. 1 1/2” inches wide.
Glue the legs to the back of the block, then glue the snow drape around the top of the block


                                                       Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Monday, November 13, 2017

Let It Snow!

Hey Monday Magic Makers!
Today's project is super easy! I love love love this new 'Snow' detailer gel we have this holiday season! As soon as I saw it, I wanted to test it out! The thickness of the paste inside the tube allows for tiny detail work without dripping. 

You can use the Snow paste tube to do writing, or designs on glass! You only need a few supplies!

Any size glass vase
Snow Writer
Krylon Sea Glass Spray in 'ice' color 
rubbing alcohol / cloth or paper towel

 First wipe down your glass vase with rubbing alcohol in order to clean it of any smudges or dirt. Then use your Snow writer and by squeezing the tube, make designs or write your favorite holiday Christmas quote! The thicker your lines, the longer it will take to dry. Minimum dry time is 1 hour.

 As it dries, the texture is still smooth, but takes on a snow-like appearance!

Then with your Seaglass Spray, apply the spray to the glass in thin layers for maximum translucency, or concentrate sprayed area to the bottom of your vase for that chilled frosty appearance! 

Have fun and happy crafting!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Pool Noodle Pumpkin

                 Pool Noodle Pumpkin

Material List:
-        Pool Noodle
-        Saw
-        Wire Cutter
-        Garland  885827268846
-        Spray adhesive
-        Raffia
-        Green Twine
-        Twigs
-        Ceramcoat White Paint
-        Jingle Bell
-        White, Green and Gold Glitter
-        Round Sponge Brush
-        Small styrofoam foam ball

       use the saw to cut the noodle into 5 inch pieces
-        Use the Sponge brush to make circles in the noodle pieces and Glitter with white glitter while it is wet. Let dry

-        Saw the twig into 2 inch pieces


   Take you garland and cut off the leaves. spray with the adhesive, sprinkle with the 
g   green and gold glitter  


Glue the styrofoam ball into the middle of the noodle. Push it down into it for a little


    Take the twig and hot glue it to the top of the ball inside of the noodle


      Take the raffia and the twine and make a bow

     Hot glue the leaves on the top the bow you made in the front og the twig

                   Then glue the Jingle bell onto the bow
      This will make a great center piece for all

                                                                     Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pompom Ghost

         Pompom Ghost

Material List:
Pompom Maker
White Yarn
Sharp Scissors
2x2 Black felt
15mm Google Eyes
Hot glue gun

1- The pompom maker opens from both sides, open one side. Start to wrap the yarn around it. Make it as full as possible; just make sure you can close it.
2- Open the other side and do the same. Cut the yarn when done

3- You will need a 12” piece of the yarn
4- When both sides are fully covered with the yarn & closed. Take your scissors to cut down the middle of each side.
5- Take the yarn, put in the middle and tie real tight.
6- Then pull out the sides.
7-Take you scissors and Shape. Starting at the top of the pompom,  cut small and work your way down the pompom.
8- Leave it long on the bottom. Shape it, so it looks like both side are going out
9- Glue on your google eyes to the front and make a mouth out of the felt and glue on. .

 JOY @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Monday, October 16, 2017

Rustic Wood Ornaments!

Hey everyone! 
Christmas is right around the corner, and I wanted to show you how easy and fun it is to use pretty holiday papers on wood slices and how you can further embellish them with shiny foil words, quotes, and patterns!

wood slices
matte Mod Podge
pretty holiday cardstock papers
pen / pencil
assorted colors of Minc foil
Zig 2-way glue pen
assorted tree picks and sprays
hot glue / hot glue gun
laser wood cutout holiday silhouettes 

 First to make cute holiday backgrounds on your wood slices, trace circles around them onto the pretty papers, and then cut them out. Apply the matte Mod Podge with a brush to the wood slice and adhere cardstock circles to them.

In order to use the Zig 2-way glue pen and the Minc foil, write a word on the paper and allow to dry. (3-5 minutes) When the glue is fully dry it becomes tacky (as opposed to wet) so it can pull the foil from the sheet and become a pretty shiny design! 

If you want to get really fancy, you can add some laser cutout holiday images and use it as a dimensional accent to the top of your cardstock wood slice!

Once the glue is dry, apply foil (pretty side facing up) and press firmly with your finger until you see glued image showing through the foil. When you peel upwards, you'll find that your foil has transferred! Just in case the foil didn't full pull off the sheet, you can reapply the foil to any remaining tacky areas. Feel free to also reapply the glue pen and layer colors together! Have fun foiling!!  

Use your hot glue gun / hot glue to adhere silhouettes, or pieces of picks /  sprays to wood slices!
Ta Da!
So easy and so cute!!  

Have fun decorating!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake

Monday, October 9, 2017

'Moon Phases' Coasters

Hey crafters!
HouseMart Ben Franklin has so many cute wood projects to decorate and customize!
As soon as I saw this coaster set, I knew I had to turn them into moon phases!

wood coaster set
black, white, gray acrylic paints 
black or white water based acrylic fine tip paint pens
Krylon triple thick clear glaze spray

Paint your moon phases, or pretty designs of choice, then wait 10-20 minutes for paint to dry. Write your words with the paint pens, and then spray with your super glossy spray to protect the image from water damage! So cute and so fun to customize such practical house items! These would make great gifts as well! 

Happy Monday!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake